A well-designed letterhead shows customers they’re dealing with an organization with an attention to detail. A poorly designed or outdated letterhead can have the opposite effect. Use your letterhead to create an image your customers can feel comfortable trusting.

  • Create a simple black-and-white letterhead for faxes, while reserving more colorful ones for sales letters and business correspondence.
  • Smoother, high-quality paper stock creates a strong and professional impression.
  • Letterhead isn’t just for business. Consider creating a personalized letterhead for your correspondence to family and friends.


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  • 50
  • 100
  • 200
  • 300
  • 21 x 28 cm
  • 80 gsm Executive bond
  • 100 gsm Executive bond
  • Multi Color Front Side
  • Without padding
  • Pads of 50 Leaves
  • Pads of 100 Leaves

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